We’re close to a city, with a decent public transport link, yet we’re also in the countryside – it’s a great mix. We’re excited to see how Sherford develops and enjoy time as a family, playing in the Country Park and being active in our community. We plan to live here forever!

Karen Turvey

We have made more friends here, within a short space of time, than we ever did in military housing. Perhaps because it’s a new town, people are more open to chatting, passing the time of day, and forming friendships.

Stina and Steve Nichols

We know that the children will have a better lifestyle here. This is very different to our life before. Sherford really appealed to us and our girls have flourished at the school. We are thrilled about all the green space and excited to watch Sherford grow, and be a part of it.

Nicola and Daniel Broome

We didn’t expect all of this purely from buying a house, but we really appreciate what we have here. Sherford is already so much more than we’d hoped for. We moved here in 2017, shortly after the first homes were built, and now three generations of our family live here. We look forward to seeing the community grow.

Pat and Jim Skinner

We love it here. This house has completely changed our quality of life. It gives us a really family friendly style of living, where we all have plenty of room, and we have incredible views from our roof terrace garden.

Ric and Catherine Ward

A place to make friends

The vision for Sherford is that it will become a town where people live, work, shop, go to school and make friends; a place that they would be proud to live in or for their children to live in, one that could embody the qualities of the best towns in the region and be seen as an enhancement to the dramatic and enduring landscape.

(Sherford Masterplan Book, Jan 2008)