The vision
for Sherford

To create a sustainable community where people can live, work, learn and socialise. Sherford will enjoy abundant green space, preserve and improve the landscape and wildlife habitats, with energy efficient homes built around interconnected walkable neighbourhoods.



A huge investment has already been made in ecology, planting and creating wildlife habitats – with £1 million invested before a brick was even laid in the town.

Welcoming you to Sherford is an entrance lined with 30,000 plants, leading towards a striking wooden bat bridge, designed to protect local wildlife. It is part of a multi-million pound investment to preserve and enhance the natural landscape and wildlife at Sherford.


Creating sustainable neighbourhoods

Energy efficient homes are based within a walkable community, with cycle, pedestrian and public transport links.

Each neighbourhood enjoys its own green spaces, that link with the Country Park, providing areas for residents to relax and play, as well as acting as sustainable drainage for rainwater


Enhancing biodiversity and promoting wellbeing are the principles behind the emphasis on creating generous green space at Sherford, within each neighbourhood and the 500-acre Country Park.

The first part of Sherford’s Country Park is open to the public and offers walking trails, parkland, and wildflower meadows with incredible views over the town and beyond across the Devon countryside.