The Sherford Road Traffic Calming public information event took place at Sherford on 21st February 2024 to show the plans for improvements to Sherford Road. Notes were made at the event of the most frequently asked questions.

Please see the queries and responses below:

Why is this Traffic Calming Project required?

This is a planning requirement – dating back to when the original permission was granted in 2014 – to improve the junction between Sherford Road and the new town of Sherford. These measures will create a safer road between the existing and new communities. In addition, a new footpath and cycle path will provide pedestrians and cyclists with a dedicated route for the first time

What is involved?

The project focuses on a number of elements to make Sherford Road safer for road users:

(1) Changes will be made to the road layout on the bend as Sherford Road approaches Sherford. A section of the road will be narrowed, white lining and illuminated signage added, and a Give Way priority route introduced. Motorists will be instructed to stop and Give Way to oncoming vehicles traveling from Elburton. This is designed to stop traffic, reduce vehicle speeds, and control the flow of traffic into and out of Sherford.

(2) A new mini roundabout will be created along Sherford Road – at the junction of Nettlehayes and Hartwell Avenue – plus additional white lines added. There will be no change to existing mini roundabouts along Sherford Road, nor any changes to the existing road narrowing areas along Sherford Road. The new and existing traffic mitigation measures are all designed to reduce vehicle speeds and increase driver awareness.

(3) A new dedicated pedestrian and cycle link will be created, set back from Sherford Road, offering a safe connection between Sherford and Sherford Road for the first time. The route goes from Gemini Road in Sherford and joins the existing pavement on Sherford Road. It will be 3m wide at its widest point, narrowing to 1.5m as it joins the existing Sherford Road pavement.

(4) The T-junction junction where Sherford Road meets Gemini Road will be altered. The radius will be widened to make it easier to turn into the junction and for traffic to pass, and there will be a raised table at this junction.

(5) Work will be done to redirect a water crossing to stop future flooding in the road, as Sherford Road enters Sherford.

When will the works start?

The timings have shifted and will not start in April as previously anticipated and advised. The works are now due to commence at the end of June. The creation of the footpath and cycle path is scheduled to be the first elements of the project to be implemented.

How long will the whole project take?

The expected duration of the project, once the main work starts, is 10 weeks. The working hours will be 8.00am to 4.30pm Mon-Fri.

Will Sherford Road be closed at any point?

Yes, a portion of the road will need to be closed for one to two weeks – and this will be clearly communicated in advance. However, the intention is that most of the work will be done under temporary traffic light systems to enable the road to stay open for the majority of the time.

How disruptive will the work be?

There will be times when the road will be closed, but in the main it will be completed wherever possible by traffic lights. Resident access to homes will be maintained at all times and there will be no disruption to power or other services. The Country Park car park and entrance will remain open.

To help guide road users, temporary signage will be installed along the route and temporary ‘New Roundabout Ahead’ signs will be positioned by the new mini roundabout.

Who will be responsible for these works?

The Sherford Consortium, the infrastructure contractor, and PCC Highways will be responsible for the work. Emergency contacts will be clearly shown on temporary signage and the Sherford website. Any questions, please email:

Where can I view the plans for this work? You can view the project details here. The Plymouth City Council planning portal also provides the plans for the works area.

Will the footpath/cycle path have any lighting?

Yes, it will. We listened to the feedback at the public information event and have revisited the plans to ensure the area will have lighting. The intention is to provide solar powered bollard lighting along the path. This solution will provide illumination for pedestrians and cyclists, while keeping the lighting levels ‘wildlife friendly’ to meet our ecological commitments.

What measures are being implemented at the Gemini Road/Sherford Road junction?

This junction will be altered. Work will be done to the kerbing, widening the radius to make it easier to turn into the junction and for traffic to pass. In addition, there will be a 85mm raised table at this junction to slow turning movements and convey to motorists not to expect to have priority over other road users.

How will the project be assessed and deemed successful?

A Stage 4 Road Safety Audit will take place once the work has finished and assess the safety of the road with live traffic. This audit will dictate if any further work is required.

What should you do if you still have any unresolved issues about Sherford Road?

The above information details the measures that will be introduced in the coming months. If you have questions about this project, you can direct them to

If you feel additional measures are required on Sherford Road – such as a reduction to the speed limit – that fall outside of the agreed plans, we advise you to contact your local Councillors who can raise this with Plymouth City Council’s Highways team.

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