As a relatively new town in its early stages of development, often more than one organisation looks after parts of Sherford, or the responsibility shifts over time. When a housebuilder is working on a house and a street (or a parcel of land), they are responsible for the area. When it is finished, it is handed over to a management company – and they then become your point of contact.

Different management companies look after different elements of Sherford. All residents get information about their management company when buying their home.

Charges are dependent on the type of property and there are different payments for different purposes, including parcel specific charges, community facilities charges, and a contribution to the Sherford Community Trust.

Take a look at our map to see which parcels or communal areas at Sherford are under the care of which management companies.

Map of Sherford Management Companies


How to contact your Management Company:

Communal areas:

FirstPort is responsible for maintaining completed external communal areas. For more information or assistance, call 0333 321 4021 (including for out of hours maintenance issues or advice) or email

Taylor Wimpey:

Completed parcels are managed by FirstPort, call 0333 321 4021

Linden Homes and Bovis Homes:

Completed parcels are managed by either:

FirstPort, call 0333 321 4021

Gateway, call 01702 443555

Trinity, call 0345 345 1584 or email


Any issues with roads, trees, street furniture and street lighting please email: