Work will soon begin to make improvements to the junction where Sherford Road enters the new town of Sherford from Elburton.

Ahead of this project starting, some preparatory work needs to happen and this will involve tree and vegetation clearance in the nearby area.

The planned works for the ‘Sherford Road S278 Traffic Calming works – site clearance works’ will start on 24th January 2024.

This will involve tree and vegetation clearance in the areas that face 96-80 Sherford Road, and also the rear hedge line of numbers 79, 77, 75 Cavendish Drive (facing Sherford Road).

Click here to see where the tree and vegetation clearance work will take place

Public information event

An event will take place on Wednesday 21st February, at 6:45-8:45pm in Sherford Community Hub. We will display the Sherford Road Calming Project plans for all to see and discuss. A team will be available to take you through these plans and answer any questions.

The main works are expected to begin mid-April 2024, dependent on Plymouth City Council Highways Road Space and Legal Agreement.