Last month, volunteers from Countryside Partnerships and Clarion joined forces to take part in a volunteering day at Sherford. The team of volunteers supported the Friends of Country Park group on a project in the Country Park.


With the joint effort of 18 members of staff from both organisations, the team took on various tasks to enhance the landscaping of Sherford. One group worked on the reclamation of the lower stream, ensuring its proper functioning and maintenance. Another team set to work constructing channels and fixing leaky dams, clearing weeds and vegetation, and excavating the pond to provide a valuable habitat for local wildlife.


Participating in this volunteering day was not only about fulfilling a corporate social responsibility, but also about providing tangible value to the Friends of Country Park Charity and benefiting the local community of Sherford. The tasks completed not only improved the aesthetics of the area but also contributed to the overall sustainability and ecological value of the site – making immediate improvements and helping safeguard it for the future.