Earlier this year, the Sherford Consortium – a partnership between award-winning national housebuilders, Taylor Wimpey & Vistry Group, which includes Countryside Partnerships, Linden Homes and Bovis Homes – invited tenders to run a temporary convenience store at Sherford. We are pleased to announce that this plan is now moving forward.

Located in the local square, the new facility will be next to House of Brews coffee shop and the Community Hub. It will provide day-to-day essentials, all on your doorstep.

The intention is that the temporary store will supply provisions until the local centre is built and permanent shops open. Plans for the local centre are progressing – more news will follow on this.

In the last Sherford survey, the most requested addition to the town was a shop. The Sherford Consortium wants to make this happen and will provide support to get this amenity up and running.

It is hoped the facility will be in place very soon – timings will depend on planning, construction and installation of the unit – but the intention is to have this temporary convenience store up and running as soon as possible.