Cable jointing is a specialist and highly skilled trade, and when leading UK utility provider, TriConnex, identified an opportunity to build a South West Cable jointing team, it became quickly apparent that they would need to set up a training programme to recruit new operatives – and they looked to Sherford for the solution.

As a dedicated facility, already supporting the training, development and up-skilling of hundreds of apprentices and construction teams, the Sherford Skills Training Centre served as an ideal location to host the programme. To establish the training programme, Steve Burt, AP Electrical Supervisor at TriConnex, worked with Sherford Skills Training Coordinator, Steven Ricketts to advertise the roles. The programme offered successful applicants the opportunity to be trained in the sought-after trade, while also providing them with the chance to kickstart a new and rewarding career within a fast-growth, innovative industry.

This was something that caught the eye of Ellie and Tyron – both of whom were working in traffic management roles at Sherford. Looking to increase their skillset and progress professionally, after spotting the advert in Sherford Skills Training Centre, they successfully applied to the programme. Out of 10 applicants, Steve Burt and colleagues conducted a recruitment process and chose the pair. “We haven’t looked back since and know we picked the right two”, Steve comments.

Benefitting from one-on-one training, Ellie and Tyron spent the early part of the programme being mentored by Steve, before moving on to complete the EUSR accredited Level 1 Service Jointing course, passing with flying colours. Committed, hard-working and determined, they continued to produce a high standard of work and excellent grades, going on to pass their Level 2.

Ellie said: “Steve has coached us from the start and has helped us get to where we are now. He has a wealth of knowledge to share. He puts all his effort into our learning and is an asset to the company. Everyone at TriConnex has been so supportive of us both and I can’t wait to excel in my career.”

Providing a pathway into a new career, the training programme has provided Ellie and Tyron with the resources and support needed to upskill and increase their earning potential. Training has taken place at an external trade accredited training centre for specific LV1 Jointing Training, and Sherford, both outdoors and within the centre itself, provides users with the opportunity to mirror real working conditions. Steve says: “This facility offers everything we need to push apprentices forward.”

Following submission of their portfolios and passing theory and practical assessments, Ellie and Tyron will then separate and be partnered with a TriConnex colleague, before continuing their careers with the company. Commenting on their progress, Steve adds: “It’s a role that needs the right sort of person, with the right attitude – just like Ellie and Tyron. I’m really proud of them and the opportunity we have been able to give them both.”

Following its success, TriConnex plans to restart the training programme with new recruits, as part of a concentrated effort to build a skilled team of cable jointing professionals throughout the region.

Tyron said: “This opportunity has been amazing and I have enjoyed every minute. TriConnex has been a great company to start my learning with. Steve has been a brilliant trainer, and we wouldn’t have got this far without his insight and knowledge.”

After becoming fully qualified, Ellie and Tyron won’t be heading far, and will act as the main jointing team for Sherford and the South West. Ellie said: “Taking this opportunity has changed my life for the better. As a woman, when I was younger it was not as widely accepted to join a trade, and all I can say is that I wish I had done it sooner. With so much training and learning offered I have loved every moment so far and cannot wait to see what the future holds with TriConnex.”